What's New in Wildbook

Each month, we'll provide a list of new or updated Wildbook functionality.

2020 Highlights#

Bulk Import#

Users with the researcher role or higher can now create bulk imports, allowing for up to 1000 encounters to be imported at once. Org admins or higher can manage the bulk imports as they are sent to detection and identification.


Users can now subset their data into projects, commonly used for census or catalog management. Projects allow for the systematic application of ID to encounters, as well as for collaboration on data without users needing direct collaboration.

Manual Annotation#

As with any tool reliant on machine learning, users will occasionally need to intervene and assign a missed bounding box for an animal. This can be done from an encounter with manual annotation.


For groups that want greater control over access to their data, we have silo security, which requires users to request collaborations to work with each other's data. Collaborations have been upgraded to require both users to confirm the level of sharing (read vs edit).