Match Sighting - Codex

  1. From your Codex profile page, click the View button for one of your Sightings on the Sightings table.
  2. You will be directed to the Sighting’s page where you can see all the recorded information of this particular sighting.
  3. On the OVERVIEW tab you will see Identification pipeline status.
  4. If the IDENTIFICATION stage is incomplete, you will see a progress indicator bar, for the remaining validation time.
  5. If the IDENTIFICATION is complete, there will be a VIEW MATCH RESULTS button underneath.

Match Candidates

Use the Review match candidates page to compare animals and create individuals.

  1. The image on the left is the Selected query annotation (the original image you started with).
  2. On the right is the Selected match candidate (the image of the potential matching Individual).
  3. Underneath each image is information about the Individual, Region, and Time of Sighting. This helps in making sure that the Sightings match.
  4. If an image carousel displays, you can click through the images to see the full collection of images associated with the animal. The carousel only displays if there are additional images.
  5. Above the images, click the Inspect match area toggle to see the visualizations to see what the algorithm is considering for the match.
  6. Check if the annotated Individuals match.
  7. The Viewpoint column on each of the tables indicates the camera’s perspective.
  8. Score indicates how similar the Individuals are to each other. Note that a higher Score indicates how closely the Individuals are matching, but it is not accurate at all times.
  9. If you want to view each Individual’s Sighting page, scroll to the side of the Candidate annotations table and click the icon under the View Sighting column.
  10. The Status menu below the Query annotations table lets you mark the match as Unreviewed, In progress, Reviewed, or Unidentifiable.

Confirm Match

  1. On the Sighting’s page for a particular sighting, click the OVERVIEW tab.
  2. At the bottom of the Identification pipeline status click the VIEW MATCH RESULTS button.
  3. You will be directed to the Review match candidates page.
  4. Once you’re sure which Selected match candidate matches the other on the left, click the CONFIRM MATCH button. Note: There are two possible pages that you will be directed to. Read on to continue
  5. You will be directed to the Merge individuals page where the matching Individuals are going to be displayed.
  6. Below the images is the Resolve fields section.
  7. Select the First name and Sex that you want to keep.
  8. Click the MERGE INDIVIDUALS button.

If you were not directed to the Merge individuals page, then you ended up at the Create individual page:

  1. Assign the necessary annotation to the Individuals.
  2. Enter First name.
  3. Enter Adoption name.
  4. Enter Sex.
  5. Enter Species.
  6. Click the CREATE INDIVIDUAL button.

Confirm No Match

If you’ve determined that none of the candidate annotations are a match, click the CONFIRM NO MATCH button below the table.