System Maintenance

Add Survey Images

If Scout is running, it automatically checks this folder periodically for new images and copies them for internal storage and processing. Images added to this folder disappear from the Ubuntu desktop folder as Scout imports them.

Note: Anyone who has access to the Scout Server or the NAS remotely can copy aerial survey images into the /data/scout/nas/images folder.

An alert bar displays in Scout when image ingestion is in progress, warning users that new images are being added and therefore not all images may be available for task creation.

NAS Disconnection and Reconnection

System User Access

Ensure the Ubuntu user account has write permissions for all folders and is the same account used to start the Scout container.

The following process is useful if you need to disconnect and reconnect the NAS while Scout is running and are unable to start or restart Scout.

  1. Delete the file data/scout/tmp/config/settings.json from the Ubuntu Terminal
    • Using the terminal, the command would be rm data/scout/config/settings.json
    • Using the Files utility, go to the home directory and look for the folder data/scout/tmp/config, then manually delete the settings.json file.
  2. Restart Scout.