User Management

When logged in to your Codex account, click on the Arrow button in the top right-hand corner then select Control panel from the drop-down menu. If you have an admin or system manager account, there will be a button that says MANAGE USERS. Click on this button to be directed to the Manage users page.

Create New User

To create a new user, the Email address, Password, and Roles fields are required to be filled out. Choose a unique email address to login. There are no minimum requirements for the password, but the user must change the provided password after logging in for the first time. You will also assign the new user one or more roles of either:

  • Contributor: they can input submissions but cannot process data
  • Researcher: they can manage their own data (sightings and individuals), match and merge individuals, search, and manage collaborations
  • User Manager: they can create and edit users and manage user collaborations
  • Exporter: they can export all the data they have access to. This includes their own data and those they have collaborations with
  • Administrator: they can manage data and site configuration

Edit Users

Under the Edit Users section, there is a table that displays every user’s Email Address, Full name, and Roles. You can navigate through the different users by scrolling. Or, you can click on the Triangle Symbol to bring up a search bar where you can search for a specific user using their name or email address.

To edit an existing user, click on the Pencil Icon under Actions. You can edit fields for Email address, Full name, and Role. To delete an existing user, click on the bin icon under Actions. This will delete the user’s account.

Create Collaborations

Collaborations provide you with access to either View or Edit another user’s data.

Under the Create Collaborations section, you can select two users from the drop-down menus. Click the green CREATE COLLABORATION button to form a collaboration with the selected users.


The collaborations table displays all the existing collaborations. To edit an existing collaboration, Click the Pencil icon under Actions on the collaborations table. From here, you can change the user’s current access state to either View or Edit.

To revoke an existing collaboration, click the Prohibitory symbol under Actions on the collaborations table. This will delete the collaboration.