Extend Collaboration Invites - Codex

Collaborations Table

The Collaborations section at the bottom of your profile page displays the following information about users you have collaborated with in a table:

  • Under the Name heading is either the Full name or Email address associated with the collaborator’s account.
  • Under the View heading, it states the level of access to a collaborator’s data you have, as either no access, pending, or full view access. With full-view access, you and your collaborator can see each other’s Sightings data.
  • Under the Edit heading, it states whether you have no, pending, or full edit access. If you have full edit access, you can edit data for all Sightings belonging to a collaborator, and they can edit yours.

Add Collaboration

To create a new collaboration:

  1. Click the ADD COLLABORATION button.
  2. Search for a user by entering either their username or email address in the search field, then click the SEARCH button.
  3. In the results box, select the row of the user you wish to create a collaboration with, then click the ADD button.

This sends a collaboration invitation to that user, which they can approve or deny.

Edit Collaboration

Edit the current state of a collaboration by clicking on the Edit pencil icon button under the Actions heading. Select View, Export, or Edit access. To delete a collaboration, select Revoke Collaboration.