Ways to Contribute

Wild Me provides open source software intended to combat extinction. Historically,we have operated open repo software, where anyone was free to download and modify the tools, but as climate change accelerates, so must our methods. We are working to build a thriving open source community of users, researchers, and developers alike who rely on each other to advance the mission of protecting the planet.

If you want to help, there’s any number of ways that contribute directly to the mission.

  • Provide data: If you have relevant species data that you want to provide to researchers, check out the available Wildbooks and see if there’s a match. We’re also putting together a list of high-interest data deficient species
  • Develop code: unit tests, tech debt, new features, bug fixes. All of our products are available for direct contribution. See the Pull request workflow for more information.
  • Donate: As a non-profit, we are working to provide maximum value at minimum cost. However, we must still cover the costs of things such as storage and processing for our various platforms.

Add to documentation

All Wild Me documentation, be it community, user, or developer docs, is hosted on GitHub. As such, you can contribute to the docunentation through the standard PR flow.

Guidelines coming soon

Coming soon…

  • Test and issue reporting
  • API documentation
  • System and documentation translations
  • ML training and development