The image gallery page displays a gallery of small previews of images associated with the task under the task details.

To access a task’s image gallery, navigate to the Tasks page. Scroll down your tasks to find your chosen task and click the Images button at the right end of the row.

To sort images by file name or date, click the Sort by button above the gallery and select the appropriate option.

To view a larger preview of an image, click on the image.

Deleting Images from Scout

Note: This will delete the images from Scout, not just from the task.

To delete an image from Scout:

  1. Select an image by clicking the small checkmark box in the top right corner of the image. Note: Select multiple images to delete them at once.
  2. Click the Delete Image button on the right of the gallery.

To delete all images from the task: 1. Click the Select All button. 1. Click the Delete Images button.