Creating the First Scout Login

As a Lab Lead, your first contact point with Scout may be right after the system administrator has installed it and provided you with a link to it. Open that link in Google Chrome to create the first Lab Lead account. If you have been provided your username and password from an existing Lab Lead, you will not see this step. In the Create the first Lab Lead account form:

  1. Enter a desired username in the Username field.
  2. Enter a desired password and confirm it in the Password and Confirm password fields.
  3. Click Submit. Your Lab Lead account is now available, and should be visible in the Users page. From here, you can begin creating the accounts for the annotators in your lab.

Should you ever forget your password as Lab Lead, you can either have another Lab Lead change it, or you can ask your System Administrator to provide you with the password override token that is generated at Scout startup. This token provides a temporary password that can be used as a universal password during this session of Scout. The password override token changes with every restart of Scout. See the Scout Installation and Startup section of this document for more information.


While you can perform all of the Lab Lead duties in Scout from any Chrome browser that can access it, you may also want to obtain access to the Scout Server laptop to be able to add aerial survey images to Scout’s image ingestion folder (see the Add survey images to Scout section of this document). Ask your System Administrator for an Ubuntu Desktop account to log into the server. Your account also needs access to the image ingestion folder created by the System Administrator.